Four aggregators working with home chefs shut shop

GURGAON: If cab aggregators can do such fine business, why not food aggregators?

Eating, after all, is as necessary and universal as travelling. It’s this thought that drove a large appetite for the food tech business in the city last year with around eight startups laying out the tables to suit all your taste buds.

But a year on, the tables have turned with half of the startups shutting down. The closures came in quick succession over the last three months as Cyberchef ..

All these startups were aggregators that networked with home chefs to deliver food to customers who ordered through apps or websites. Cyberchef, the most recent to shut, had an ugly closure with several home chefs this correspondent spoke to as well as the vendors working with the company alleging it hadn’t cleared their payments. “I worked with Cyberchef for around eight months and payments were always late. I kept writing to them and then they suddenly suspended operations,” said Simran Bagga, ..


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